Lord Lennard Brault

The Hand of King Damon Dasurion.


Lord Brault is an Angherse human in his late sixties. He is bald with a bushy moustache. His eyes are dark and inquisitive, and he is well known for his signature glare.


Lord Lennard Brault is the current Hand of the King, a post he has filled for five years, since Damon Dasurion’s coronation.

As a younger man, he passed on his duties of running House Brault in order to act as an advisor to King Darion Dasurion, and at this time also became a close mentor of Prince Damon. He has a reputation of being gruff and short tempered, but is also considered fair and knowledgeable.

The Heroes first meet Lord Lennard when Aquila Valerius and Tomas Mortain demand an audience in the dead of night following their arrival in Summermount. Lord Lennard is predictably prickly, and gruffly brushes off Aquila’s questions about the closure of Angherst’s borders.

When Morrigan and Garmog are led in, with Morrigan in chains bound for the dungeons as a strange mage, Avus Abilius helps convince Lord Brault that the group would be better used in the rescue of Dedrick, Queen Helene’s nephew. Brault agrees, and Morrigan will be given her freedom in exchange for the group rescuing Dedrick.

Lord Brault is there to congratulate the party when they successfully return Dedrick, along with King Damon himself. Lord Brault then tasks the party with infiltrating the Paragons of the Faith by gaining the trust of the foolish Ralph.

Later, Lord Brault expresses his concern for King Damon’s wellbeing following the King’s crackdown on the actions of the Summermount Mages Guild and other influential organisations within the city. As the King seems to unravel more and more, Lord Brault is forced to take on more and more responsibility in governing the realm.

Following the Heroes’ trip up Summermount itself, they return to the city to find from Lord Brault that the King has vanished under mysterious circumstances. Lord Brault is now more convinced than ever that these are the actions of rogue mages, specifically Archmage Challinor and other senior members of the Mages Guild. The Heroes are unconvinced and choose not to disclose they know Challinor’s whereabouts, having discovered him on the mountain.

Lord Brault tasks the Heroes with exploring the mountain’s caves, as it is rumoured that Challinor’s old mentor is up there and may be involved in the plot.

Upon their return to the city during the Summermount Riots, the Heroes find Lord Brault confronting Ren, who they had recruited to help them, in the Throne Room. It is at this point that the Battle of the Throne Room occurs, during which Lord Brault is urged to safety by Ser Chrestan Caldurion.

Following the revelation that it was in fact The Fool who was responsible for the King’s disappearance, Lord Brault’s attitude changes and he is apologetic towards the Mages Guild. When the Heroes awake from their ordeal in the Fool’s dungeon, they find that Lord Brault is now fully supportive of the actions of Challinor and the others in their pursuit of The Fool.

Lord Lennard Brault

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