The Fool

A Gnome mage with a twisted sense of humour. Not to be underestimated.


The Fool was a Gnome of unknown age and origin. His real name is also not known. His wide-eyed grin, sick jokes and games, revealed his madness.


The Fool was a Gnome mage who infiltrated the court of King Damon Dasurion in the guise of a jester, with the apparent intent of poisoning the King’s mind and ultimately seizing control of the Kingdom.

Using magic users, and more specifically the Summermount Mages Guild, as a scapegoat, The Fool subtly used his own arcane powers to influence the King into doing his own bidding.

In order to to conceal and distract from his plan, he created and orchestrated the operations of a cult known as the Paragons of the Faith, led by the mysterious sorcerer Lord Fireheart. Under his instructions, the Paragons committed acts of kidnapping, torture and murder, leading to public panic.

Using the smokescreen of the Paragons as cover, he had the King close the borders of Angherst to cut off assistance from the outside world. Next, he began having all mages arrested and ordered the Mages Guild to be shut down in order to supposedly find the culprit, but truly to eliminate competition to himself.

The Fool’s plan was only thwarted by the unlikely interference from four adventurers who were able to discover the truth with the assistance of Ren. He trapped the four in a magical dungeon full of traps and puzzles designed to kill them, but thanks to divine intervention, they survived.

The Heroes of Summermount ruined the Fool’s plan and caused him to flee the city. His egress, and the death of his lackey Lord Fireheart – who was nothing more than a bitter, impressionable young mage – spelled the end for the Paragons, with any remaining cultists rooted out. He was hunted by Ren and Archmage Challinor.

The Fool was tracked to a hidden inter-dimensional chamber, again full of traps and other such dangers. Challinor, Ren, and Eli entered to try and defeat him but were forced to flee. However, they expended a great deal of his power. The Heroes were tasked to go through the portal, finish him, and rescue King Damon.

After making their way to the final room of his chamber, the Heroes found King Damon consumed in fits of sinister laughter, in a cage in the midst of four statues, which they learned were on pressure pads. When The Fool destroyed the statues, the King’s cage filled with gas and he began to lapse out of consciousness. The party were forced to stand on a pressure plate each in order to stop the gas.

The Fool forced them to choose between remaining where they were, thus saving the King from death but allowing The Fool to expend the rest of his energy to summon a dimensional door, or to leave the King to his fate, climb to the platform where The Fool stood, and strike him down without resistance.

It seemed the Fool was actually trying to goad the party into taking the option of killing him, as he attempted to enrage Mortain and Aquila by threatening to kill their loved ones, claiming he knew where they were and could easily get to them.

The Heroes were able to get round the trap by using the amulet given to them by Challinor, with which they could communicate their location to him so that he could summon them back through the portal. They activated the amulet and threw it to where the King sat, and he was teleported away from danger.

Enraged at this ‘cheating’, The Fool vowed to punish the party, and was able to make his escape just before the party could reach him.

When next the party encountered The Fool, he was at the home of Aquila Valerius in Balta, they found the Fool there, with a group of hired cutthroats, having taken Aquila’s family hostage as he had promised. However, it seemed the party could well have beaten him there had they not first went to Silverhill, assuming the Fool would first attempt to kill Luna. This cast doubt over the Fool’s current level of power. On top of this, he appeared a tattered, pathetic mess compared to their last meeting, implying he had endured hardship in his travels.

A fight ensued in which a clearly powerless Fool was killed easily, although Aquila’s young daughter Sabina was caught in crossfire and badly wounded.

Garmog and Aquila burned his corpse in the yard.

It was implied later by Juliana Valerius that the Fool may have haunted the area, as she noticed paranormal activities outside at night where he was burned. However, this was likely the work of Arkarel, who later revealed himself to the Heroes at that same spot. Indeed, Arkarel revealed that he was the patron responsible for granting the Fool his powers, and went so far as showing the party a spectral vision of the Fool burning and weeping, implying the Fool was now powerless in death and it was Arkarel that was the cause of any sinister goings-on.

The Fool

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