Aquila Valerius

A renowned Captain of the Baltan Imperial Legion, 'The Eagle of Santim' is one of Balta's finest sons. Driven by his creed of Foritudo, Fortitudinis, Honorem, and his everlasting love for his family and his country.


Aquila Valerius is a 31 year old Baltan who was made the youngest Captain in Baltan Legion history after his actions during the Great Imperial Prison Riot. A Renowned soldier, known for divine like feats on the battlefield, Valerius stood out from other Legionnaires as he insisted on using a Bow and Arrow in battle and wearing armour made by his Father, a blacksmith. ‘Fortitudo. Fortitudinis. Honorem’, the Valerius family creed, are words he lives by to protect the ones he loves.


Aquila Valerius was born in the First City in the shadow of the Imperial Lyceum, to parents Aristotle and Severina. When Aquila was 14, a band of rebels and scum attempted to overthrow the Emperor, with his Father’s blacksmith shop being ransacked in the ensuing chaos. His Mother was injured in the melee so Aquila rushed to protect his mother & father and the shop by grabbing a sword his father had just finished forging, he hacked and slashed the intruders until they were no more. Aquila, at that moment, decided he would never let anything like this happen to his family again and when he was 16 he would sign up to become a Cadet in the Imperial Legion so that he could protect those he cared for.
On the eve of his enrolment, Aristotle gave his son a specially forged sword, with an inscription on the hilt saying “Fortitudo. Fortitudinis. Honorem.”, the Valerius family creed.

Aquila left his parents and new love, Juliana in Santim to head to the Academy, there he shone, his record was exemplary with zero infractions and his willingness to do extra service stood out to his superiors. They remarked at his abilities, his skill and guile was like that of a
Ranger and his marksmanship with a bow was unparalleled.
Fresh out of the academy, Aquila was stationed at the Imperial Prison in Santim and it was here his legend started.

The Imperial Commander was visiting the prison and a freshly imprisoned Herd of Arcs sensed an opportunity by inciting a riot. Valerius dashed to protect his Commander and using only his Bow, he slayed every last one of the orcs in the prison, the true number of which varies from Baltan to Baltan.

His legend grew from that point on, with Baltans everywhere knowing him as ‘The Eagle of Santim’. The Emperor loved this story and promoted him to Captain, the youngest in Baltan Legion history. Also, as a thank you, the Emperor, a man of the people, had Valerius’ father make specially forged armour that the Emperor himself gifted to Aquila. The upper echelons of Baltan society thought this move gratuitous and not in keeping with Baltan Legion tradition but Aquila cared not what the politicians thought, he had zero interest in the cesspool of petty squabbling that existed in political circles.

On the battlefield with Balta’s premier squadron, Balta’s Fist, he was a calm and calculated leader, leading Balta to many victories in battles they should never have won. His men speculated that he was some kind of godlike being as he would survive in situations no earthly being should survive in. Aquila dismissed this talk; he’d always just considered it his desire to get home to his family that saw him through these situations. Off the battlefield, Aquila spent all of his time on his farm with wife, Juliana, and children, Laurentius and Sabina, for they were all he cared about, not personal honours, rank or the politics of war.

Aquila Valerius

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