I often wonder; How many hearts have broken at the loss of the fate they wished for, then wound up all the fuller from the one they never dreamt of.” – Ser Valaar Dragonblade

Garmog the Screamer, once a proud chieftain of Azaroth, but betrayed by his own half-brother, he was forced into exile and sold into slavery. Now free after years of misery, he yearns for his old life. Alone, with his family gone, for now he must find a new place for himself.

Morrigan, a sorceress of untapped power. As a result of a witch’s curse, she remains young forever. For years she lived in hiding, but circumstance has forced her out into the world, which she must learn to live in, as well as hone her own abilities.

Aquila Valerius, ‘The Eagle of Santim’, a living legend in the Baltan Imperial Legion. A fine warrior and an honourable man. His reputation would be sullied and his honour tainted by conspirators. He must come to terms with his new station, as well as come to understand new mysterious powers he has come to possess.

Tomas Mortain, a knight as noble and chivalrous as any in the tales. He had everything, including the love of his Lady, but that would earn him the ire of his new Lord, her jealous brother. He would be betrayed and exiled. He must find a way to save his love, and secure his future.

When four unlikely paths cross, the fate of the world could change forever…

The Four Outcasts

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