Calmandis is the name of the known world. The world is incredibly vast, spread over multiple continents and islands. Over the course of the last hundred thousand years, humans have spread throughout the world and now dominate demographically and geographically. Where traditionally other races had intermingled, they now have been driven, either by their own choice or by force to their spiritual homelands, such as the Elves of Eneduin, or the Dwarves of Mazakul

Angherst – The largest continent is one that is dominated by a feudal Human society, the Kingdom of Angherst, the most populous human area in Calmandis. Other races thrive here too, notably the Dwarves and Goliaths of the vast Stonewall Mountains to the west. Within these mountains lies the Dwarven homeland of Mazakul.

Balta – Second largest of the continents is Balta. Roughly half of this continent is taken by the Empire of Balta, another Human society. To the east lies Eneduin, the home of the Elves. Balta is also home to the majority of Calmandis’ Gnomes, aswell as a reasonable population of Halflings.

Tarsus – To Balta’s north lies the continent of Tarsus. The obligatory human society on this continent is war-torn, ever embroiled in civil war. The east is taken up by dense jungles and volcanic ranges, uninhabitable by all but the bravest – or most foolhardy. It is said all manner of vile beasts can be found there.

Principality of the Freeport Cities – In the Freeport Cities, race doesn’t mean a thing, the only thing that matters is money. Here is where the greatest variety or races can be found living as one.Many of Calmandis’ wealthiest can be found in the Freeport city states, all of which regard the others with contempt. The Freeport cities are;

  • Taavos
  • Persachus
  • Orys
  • Queseri
  • Ilyria

Azaroth – Azaroth is the island home of the Half-Orcs. It lies to Angherst’s north. A tribal society once embroiled in constant bickering and fighting for control is now unified as one under the iron rule of Ikkol the Almighty.

New Cormyr- The idyllic home of the largest Halfing society in Calmandis. An island of stunning natural beauty off the west coast of Angherst. The Halflings of New Cormyr are considered a peaceful but highly curious people, fond of adventure.

Klerus – Little is known of the Isle of Klerus, south of Angherst. The people of Angherst tell stories of savages cavorting with demons and fiends living on the volcanic rock. It is considered a place of evil.

Ebonika – Far to the south of Balta is the tropical paradise of Ebonika. The Ebons are dark-skinned, and their warriors are renowned around the world, known for their unique fighting style, adeptly utilising Glaives to devastating effect.


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