The High Priest of Summermount's Temple of Pelor, a title he feels totally unworthy of.


Zandren is an Angherse human who is around 40 years old. He is inhibited and softly spoken, often looks at the floor in conversation, rather than make eye contact. His long hair is always pulled back in a ponytail.


Zandren has been the High Priest of Summermount’s Temple of Pelor for 6 years. He was chosen by his fellow monks following the death of his mentor, High Priest Elijah, who considered Zandren like a son.

Aquila Valerius is urged by Avus Abilius to meet with Zandren to discuss an important matter.When the Heroes meet Zandren, they are taken aback by his reticent, almost shy nature.

Zandren implies that in his youth he lived a reckless lifestyle of sin and excess that would have killed him, and that it was only by being accepted into the temple that he was able to change. He expresses his self-doubt to the party, indicating he does not feel worthy of his position.

At their first meeting Zandren tells them about visions and night terrors he has been having, concerning an ominous, all-encompassing darkness consuming the world. He claims that he doesn’t feel Pelor as he once did, as though he is lost. He doesn’t know what to do, and laments the loss of his mentor Elijah who would have understood. He tells the party he wishes to consult with religious leaders in Balta but cannot due to the border closure.

Zandren is the one who informs the party he believes Archmage Challinor has gone off in search of Ren who is rumoured to live hidden somewhere in the mountain.

The next time the Heroes meet Zandren is following their ordeal at the hands of The Fool. He is overjoyed to see them, and explains to them that it was clearly Divine Intervention that saved them, meaning the Gods have not forgotten about the land, and that the Heroes must be champions of the Gods against whatever evils await.

Zandren is present at the party held for the Heroes at the Great Gathering Inn.


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