Raudur Sild

A young sorcerer of huge potential, who was unable to deal with his own anger and enmity.


Raudur Sild was an Angherse human in his late twenties. It is clear he suffered with inner turmoil, evidenced by severe outbursts of intense rage. He was known as a loner.


Raudur Sild was a young sorcerer from somewhere around the City of Summermount who was known to Archmage Challinor.

Following The Battle of the Throne Room, and the subsequent defeat of Lord Fireheart by the Heroes, it was revealed that Sild was actually Lord Fireheart.

On several occasions, Sild came to the Summermount Mages Guild intent on studying his craft, but each time he was unable to last more than a week as he was unable to control his own temper, clearly struggling with his own personal demons.

The Fool had preyed on Sild as he was powerful but weak-willed, and so he had been the perfect candidate for his scapegoat, Lord Fireheart. As one of his japes, he even tattooed on Sild’s face what at first glance appeared to be a red teardop, but was actually a red herring.

Following the battle and the death of Sild, Challinor stated that he felt he had failed Sild.

Raudur Sild

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