Former Archmage


Ren is an Angherse human who is around 80 years old. While he appears as a fragile old man, he has shown himself to be surprisingly spry. He wears plain, unassuming clothing. He has white hair and a kind face.


Archmage Ren was considered one of the most influential and powerful wizards in the history of the Summermount Mages Guild, responsible for revolutionising the study of the arcane arts in Angherst, helping shift the attitude of the people towards magic users as well as laying the foundations that his protege Challinor would build on in making the Guild the recognised and respected institution it is today.

Ren served as the Archmage of the Guild for 22 years, before disappearing under mysterious circumstances. Countless rumours circulated for years about his fate, but it wasn’t known whether he was alive or dead.

After years of absence, he revealed himself to help save the Heroes of Summermount from an Elemental summoned by Lord Fireheart deep within one of the caves on Summermount’s peak.

He would help further against Fireheart by performing a ritual during The Battle of the Throne Room which would identify the source of the dark magic at work in Summermount, leading to the discovery of The Fool.

When the Heroes awake following their ordeal at the hands of The Fool, they learn that Ren is in pursuit of The Fool.


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