Melanie Estermont

Brilliant Half-Elf sorceress , a pupil of Archmage Challinor.


Melanie is an Angherse Half-Elf who is around 50 years old. She has fair skin and vivid red hair, and her elven blood makes her look much younger than her years. She is a brilliant mage, one of the most highly regarded members of the Summermount Mages Guild.


Melanie Estermont is the daughter of Ser Rowlan Estermont, a minor member of a minor house. Her mother was an elven sorceress that her father met while travelling, and it is from her mother that Melanie gained her magical ability.

The Heroes of Summermount first hear of Melanie at Harlick’s cabin, when Archmage Challinor tells them he must go in search of her and Eli after he recovers from his injuries he suffered on Summermount.

The party do not meet Melanie until later, when they awake in the Summermount Mages Guild following their ordeal in The Fool’s dungeon. Melanie has been helping nurse them back to health. She fills them in on what has happened, telling them that Challinor and Ren are close to finding The Fool.

She is present at the party at the Great Gathering Inn.

Melanie Estermont

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