Harlick the Ranger

The Summermount Ranger, as at one with the mountain as one can be.


Harlick is an Angherse human who is around 35 years old. While not overly tall, he is sturdy and strong. He has flaming red hair and a bushy beard, and looks every inch the mountain man.


Harlick was the Summermount Ranger when the Heroes first climbed it as part of their search for Lord Fireheart.

Harlick came upon the party as they camped following Garmog’s incident with the bear. He invited them to stay the night at his cabin, advising the mountain was not safe due to mysterious, potentially arcane forces.

Almost immediately on this first night, Morrigan developed a deep infatuation with Harlick.

He guided them up the mountain as he searched for his faithful dog Friend, and in doing so, was with the party when they discovered Challinor in a weakened state. Harlick tended to Challinor at his cabin while the party returned to the city.

Later, after nursing Challinor back to health, Harlick would accompany the Heroes as they set off up the mountain to explore the caves at the peak, where it was believed the Paragons of the Faith had a base of operations.

Tragically, while being lowered down into the base of the cave by Morrigan and Aquila Valerius, the rope gave way and Harlick plunged some 50ft, sustaining fatal injuries.

Following their battle with Fireheart’s Elemental, the Heroes, with Ren‘s help, recovered Harlick’s body and buried him by his cabin.

It was later revealed in the letter that The Fool sent to the Heroes before they left Summermount that Harlick’s death had actually been a murder perpetrated by the Fool himself, who unbeknownst to them was invisibly stalking the party.

Harlick the Ranger

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