Loyal Friend, King of the Mountain.


Friend is a scruffy brown mongrel of unknown age, although he is at least 10. Having lived for years on Summermount, he knows the mountain and it’s surroundings better than anyone. He is very loyal, and is an excellent tracker.


Friend was the loyal companion to Harlick the Ranger for many years. Harlick told the Heroes that he and Friend had been aware of one another on the mountain for some time, but kept a respectful distance. Only when one night Friend wandered up to Harlick’s hut hoping to share some of Harlick’s meal did their friendship begin.

Harlick stated he was unsure about where Friend came from, or how old he was. He named him Friend because that’s what he was.

The Heroes accomany Harlick on their first meeting with him to help look for Friend who had gone missing on the mountain under worrying circumstances. They found Friend, who himself had found and led them to the wounded Archmage Challinor.

Friend leads the way when the Heroes and Harlick climb the mountain to explore the caves at the peak, where they believe the Paragons of the Faith may have been operating. As they enter the cave and Harlick tells Friend to head home, Friend seems worried and reluctant to leave, but does so.

Following Harlick’s death in the caves, when the Heroes and Ren bring his body back to the surface, Friend is there waiting, seemingly having sense what has happened.

During Tomas Mortain‘s eulogy for Harlick at his cabin, Friend lies next to the grave and whimpers quietly. When Mortain attempts to bring Friend with the party as they head back to the city, Friend accompanies for a time before running off and returning to Harlick’s graveside.

When the Heroes awake in the Summermount Mages Guild following their ordeal in The Fool’s dungeon, Melanie Estermont informs them that Friend has been appearing in the grounds to wait for them.


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