Ser Chrestan Caldurion

Handsome, noble, cocky. Ser Chrestan Caldurion is one of Angherst's finest knights, and he knows it.


Ser Chrestan is an Angherse human who is around 40 years old. He is tall, handsome, and notoriously arrogant. He is a first cousin of King Damon. His skill with a sword is second to none in Angherst.


Ser Chrestan Caldurion is the Lord Commander of King Damon Dasurion’s Kingsguard. He has served as part of the Kingsguard for around 15 years, first appointed by his uncle King Darion Dasurion. His cousin King Damon made him Lord Commander following the retirement of longtime Lord Commander Ser Duncan Mullendore.

The Heroes first encounter Ser Chrestan at their first meeting with King Damon following the successful rescue of Dedrick from the Paragons of the Faith.

Following the disappearance of King Damon, the party learn from Lord Brault that Ser Chrestan and the other Kingsguard have rode out in search of the King.

The Heroes’ first true interaction with Ser Chrestan comes at The Battle of the Throne Room. As the Heroes, along with Ren, argue with Lord Brault, Ser Chrestan arrives with Avus Abilius as his prisoner. Ser Chrestan explains that Avus, who had vanished from the palace under strange circumstances at the same time as the King, was attempting to flee the country. Seemingly confused, Avus denies this, claiming to have no memory of what has happened. When Garmog attempts to speak with Avus, Ser Chrestan reacts with hostility, leading to an argument between Ser Chrestan and Garmog as well as Aquila Valerius. The argument turns sour and a fight ensues, but it is quickly interrupted by the arrival of Lord Fireheart and his Paragons of the Faith. Ser Chrestan and his small force of guards join with the Heroes to fight.

During the Heroes’ recovery from their subsequent ordeal at the hands of The Fool, Ser Chrestan and Captain Barrett Cantell are tasked with purging the cityof any remaining cultists.

Ser Chrestan Caldurion

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