Archmage Challinor

Archmage of Summermount Mages Guild


Archmage Challinor is an Angherse human who is around 55 years old. His brown hair and long beard are rapidly greying. He is known to be highly intelligent, but has also been branded self-important.


Archmage Challinor has been the Archmage of Summermount Mages Guild for 12 years. He is considered one of the finest wizards in the world, having previously studied his craft under the renowned Archmage Ren.

Challinor is recognised as having transformed the Guild from a shut-off place only for the studies of a select few, to an institution that wields political influence and has furthered the pursuit of academia in Angherst.

Challinor’s first encounter with the party came when he attempted to keep Morrigan from leaving the Summermount Mages Guild, where she had travelled to meet him with Garmog. While his intent was good, meaning to protect her, a strange sorceress, from royal forces, his blunt manner and actions created antagonism between Morrigan and him.

Following the flight of the Guild members from Summermount, Challinor was next seen by the Heroes near the peak of Summermount. He was surrounded by dead cultists, and upon seeing the group, collapsed in a heap. Despite his condition he was regarded with suspicion by the group, as Lord Brault had told them of how the mages were prime suspects behind King Damon Dasurion’s recent strange behaviour.

Challinor stayed at Harlick‘s cabin recovering while the party returned to the city to learn that the King has vanished under mysterious circumstances. Lord Brault tells them he is now in no doubt that this is the work of the magic users. After some debate, the group is unconvinced that this is the truth, and do not inform Lord Brault they know Challinor’s whereabouts.

When they return to Harlick’s, Challinor has awoke, and is able to convince them that he and his fellow mages are being scapegoated and are not responsible. He confirms that he was climbing the mountain to seach for Ren who he believes will be able to find the true culprit. The group believe him, and allow him to go off in search of his companions Eli and Melanie.

He is next seen at the The Battle of the Throne Room, where he, along with Eli, intervenes at the last to help save the Heroes, Ren and Ser Chrestan Caldurion from Lord Fireheart and an overwhelming number of cultists.

When the Heroes awake after their ordeal in The Fool’s dungeon, they learn from Melanie that Challinor, along with Ren and Eli, are in pursuit of The Fool who has been forced into retreat. The party are summoned during their party at the Great Gathering Inn, as Challinor has returned with news that they have found the Fool and they can finish him once and for all.

Archmage Challinor

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