Avus Abilius

A Baltan Advocat, Avus has found himself in a position of influence in Angherst's court, depsite rumours surrounding his exile from Balta.


Avus Abilius is a Baltan human who is around 40 years old. His black hair is always slicked back, and he wears fine robes of silk. He wears the bronze linked chain of an Advocat. He is often found wearing a wry smile.


Avus Abilius has been an adviser in the court of King Damon Dasurion for several years.

The Heroes first meet him in the chambers of the Hand of the King, Lord Brault. He convinces Lord Brault not to imprison Morrigan for being a soreceress, against the express orders of King Damon. Instead he arranges that the Heroes will assist Ser Aden Hayard in rescuing Dedrick, the Queen’s nephew, from the clutches of the Paragons of the Faith, the cult that has been terrorising the city.

Following the success of the rescue mission and the Heroes return to the city, Avus offers Aquila Valerius lodgings at his home, as he’d be honoured to host the famous Baltan hero. Valerius by this point has recalled hearing tell of Avus, who was rumoured to have been exiled by Emperor Aurelian for treachery. Aquila places little faith in rumours, but regardless he is supiscious of Avus, however he chooses to accept the offer of hospitality.

Avus is present when Lord Brault instructs the party to infilitrate the Paragons by befriending the gullible Ralph, indeed it was Avus who came up with the plan.

Following King Damon’s crackdown on the actions of the Mages Guild, Avus becomes withdrawn and busy with mysterious work. This prompts Aquila to leave and take up lodgings with his fellows at the Great Gathering Inn. However, before he does so, Avus urges him to visit the High Priest, Zandren, who may hold information on the strange goings on.

The next time the Heroes see Avus is around two weeks later, just before the Battle of the Throne Room. Following the disappearance of King Damon, Avus too went missing and was immediately considered a suspect. He was eventually found, apparently trying to flee Angherst, by Ser Chrestan Caldurion. Ser Chrestan brings Avus back to the palace where the Heroes and Ren are about to start their ritual to find the source of the dark magic behind Summermount’s misfortune.

Avus is filthy and unrecognisable, and insists he has no memory of what he has been doing or where he has been. Garmog believes him, and in attempting to help Avus irks Ser Chrestan. This causes an argument between the Heroes and Ser Chrestan, and a fight ensues briefly before being interrupted by Lord Fireheart and a force of cultists, leading to the Battle of the Throne Room.

Following the battle, the Heroes face their ordeal at the hands of The Fool. The next time they see Avus is at the party held in their honour at the Great Gathering Inn, where he looks well rested.

Avus Abilius

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