• Aquila Valerius

    Aquila Valerius

    A renowned Captain of the Baltan Imperial Legion, 'The Eagle of Santim' is one of Balta's finest sons. Driven by his creed of Foritudo, Fortitudinis, Honorem, and his everlasting love for his family and his country.
  • Garmog the Screamer

    Garmog the Screamer

    Exiled Chieftain of Azaroth's Leber Tribe out for revenge. Betrayed by one he considered a brother, Garmog the Screamer will not rest until he has regained what is his, and more importantly, avenged his father and his family.
  • Morrigan


    Teenage witch, two centuries old. Morrigan has led a life of solititude and fear, always in the shadow of the witch who cursed her and destroyed her life. Only a chance encounter with three adventurers has led her out into the world for the first time.
  • Tomas Mortain

    Tomas Mortain

    A noble knight, bound by duty and inspired by love. His life was perfect until the jealous Lord brother of his love, robbed him of his happiness, driving him into exile. Tomas will do all he can to win back his honour and his love.
  • Archmage Challinor

    Archmage Challinor

    Archmage of Summermount Mages Guild
  • Avus Abilius

    Avus Abilius

    A Baltan Advocat, Avus has found himself in a position of influence in Angherst's court, depsite rumours surrounding his exile from Balta.
  • Friend


    Loyal Friend, King of the Mountain.
  • Harlick the Ranger

    Harlick the Ranger

    The Summermount Ranger, as at one with the mountain as one can be.
  • Jacius Lucinion

    Jacius Lucinion

    The strong, silent type.
  • King Damon Dasurion

    King Damon Dasurion

    King of Angherst
  • Lord Lennard Brault

    Lord Lennard Brault

    The Hand of King Damon Dasurion.
  • Magister Tulio Romarso

    Magister Tulio Romarso

    A Baltan Magister, wary of the Santim snakepit.
  • Melanie Estermont

    Melanie Estermont

    Brilliant Half-Elf sorceress , a pupil of Archmage Challinor.
  • Raudur Sild

    Raudur Sild

    A young sorcerer of huge potential, who was unable to deal with his own anger and enmity.
  • Ren


    Former Archmage
  • Ser Chrestan Caldurion

    Ser Chrestan Caldurion

    Handsome, noble, cocky. Ser Chrestan Caldurion is one of Angherst's finest knights, and he knows it.
  • Sivero Assos

    Sivero Assos

    Once described as the greatest smuggler in history, by himself.
  • The Fool

    The Fool

    A Gnome mage with a twisted sense of humour. Not to be underestimated.
  • Zandren


    The High Priest of Summermount's Temple of Pelor, a title he feels totally unworthy of.